Hi, I'm Amalia!

Growing plants, houseplants specifically, has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Some may say it's a hobby, others may say it's an obsession - I like to say it's a healthy mix of both! Growing & caring for houseplants is what brings me happiness and provides me with a deep sense of purpose. They offer me a way to always be connected to nature and the beauty of life.  My hope is that by growing these plants, I can provide you with that same sense of beauty, purpose, and calm. 

Hi, I'm Taylor!

I have always had a passion for curating spaces and connecting people to their environment. Whether it be the physical space or the objects that fill it, I find life to be best enjoyed when what surrounds you brings you joy.  While Amalia focuses on the plants, I give my attention to discovering ways to create a harmonious environment which includes her passions and my love for purposeful accents and creating an inviting space. I hope that I can help bring beautiful additions to your space!