Ali Filippelli



From: NYC

Currently creating in: Cape Elizabeth, ME


How did you get into ceramics?

I was documenting a residency that my husband was participating in with a potter out in Washington. One day I put down the camera and started to play around in the studio. Total game changer.


What do you love about the process of throwing?

Honestly it's sort of sexy. I love to watch other experienced potters throw. It's a tough craft but once you get better at it - it becomes so fluid - like dancing with the clay. Also strong hands are the best. I should add that I started out by hand building and that is where my heart is, but I really wanted to explore different techniques so I can work on wheel thrown/hand altered pieces.


What do you love about the work you make?

It is an extension of myself. It's what's in my head. Learning to make something with your hands and getting to share it with others is an amazing feeling.

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