Our Plant Cleaning Serum acts an immune boost + spa day for your plants. 


Amalia developed this magical serum about 5 years ago to help keep common household pest infestations at bay. After doing extensive research, and trying countless other solutions + ratios, she's finally found the perfect mix and couldn't be more excited & grateful to share it with you.


Alkaline water, organic neem oil, and organic rosemary oil swirl together in perfect harmony to create a simple yet powerful plant cleaning solution.


Why clean houseplants you ask?

Here are a few of our favorite benefits:

  • Cleaning your plants on a monthly basis helps keep common houseplant pest infestations at bay.
  • By removing dust from your plants leaves, they are able to absorb sunlight more easily resulting in more growth, and healthier plants!
  • Cleaning your plants is the perfect way to strengthen the connection between you and your plant by giving you time & space to appreciate the subtle changes that happen over time. 
  • Aesthetically, it makes the plants look fresh, shiny, and vibrant.
  • It's the perfect way to invest in the plants you already have, instead of feeling the need to keep buying more.

Plant Serum